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Guild Expectations

Pandachicken / Aug 11, 2012
Let me start out by saying that this is everything Jamiebug/Archfury has made. I have just combined it into one big ass post that will stay on the homepage when you log in to the Guild Website. Anything that I add will be in red.

Guild Expectations:

So the main expectation is for everyone to have fun. If you aren't having fun in the guild look for others that may better address your needs. If you are not having fun please bring it up to a leader and we will see if we can try to incorporate that into the guild. Please be considerate, as new things take some time to get started. Please don't ask for something then bail before it gets started if we are working on it.

Upon arrival into the guild one of our leaders should take the time talk to you about our guild. We will do our best to live up to your expectations and we expect the same from you. If you don't talk to us, don't expect things to get handed to you because we won't know what you are looking for or your exact reasons for coming into our guild.

Guild events:

In order for guild events to work there needs to be participation. We expect people to make some attempt to come to guild functions and events. Most of the time there will be incentives for winning them. If that's not your cup of tea, that's fine, it won't be held against you. We are planning on running 1 silly guild event per weekend and go from there if it's a hit. Any cool ideas for guild events be sure to address them!

Guild Participation:

- We have not figured out how we will track this or how we will reward individuals who participate in guild related activities.
- With that said you can be rewarded for farming herbs/fish/gems etc for the Guild Bank, organizing raids for current/older content or simply forming a 5 man dungeon group. The entire idea behind this it to keep everyone involved in the guild and allow members to become friends with/better acquainted with other guild members.
- A lot of people may think that things go unnoticed but they don't. During the last tier Stef farmed fish and herbs non-stop for the guild. She deposited stacks upon stacks of items for the Main Raid Group as well as for other guild members to use. As a token of our appreciation myself, Jamie and Jazzeroth all chipped in and bought her a Vial of the Sands Mount.
- This is just one example of what some hard work can turn into

Guild Bank:

All members will have a daily monetary bonus for repairs, depending on how the gold flow is in mists will depend on the amount that goes out for repairs. The goal of the guild bank is to pay for members repairs, gifts, and prize winnings.
-Donating items to the guild bank is always encouraged (however please try to keep it to current content or nifty items, we don't care for junk in there), we try to keep a wide range of gems, herbs, fish, and enchanting mats stocked for our raiders and members gear upgrades. We cannot have these if people don't contribute. If you don't want to contribute don't expect anything from the guild bank.
-Main rule of thumb when it comes to the Gbank:

--Use it but don't abuse it. If you are always taking and never returning you access will be cut off. If we see you taking from the bank and selling those items you will be booted, and the odds of you getting in a decent guild will diminish as most of us are friends with those guild leaders, guild thieves are not highly desired.

Raid Rules:

1) Accept/Decline the Calendar. Waiting until the day of the raid to update the calendar is NOT acceptable. If you can't make a raid send your Raid Leader a message as to why.
2) Be on time for the Raid. If you are going to be late, let your Raid Leader know
3) Be Prepared - Your Raid Leader should let you know what fights you will be encountering. You should know what is to be required of your role in all fights as well as the main mechanics of the fight.
4) Loot:
----- a) DON'T BE A LOOT WHORE! If you win a piece of gear don't roll on something else unless it is not needed by anyone else. If you win a piece that no one else needs (ie: you are the only holy pally and plate spirit gear drops), this will not be held against you. In either case use your best judgement.
----- b) If you win a piece of gear use it. If you win an item and trade it to another member, you and the person you traded it to WILL NOT be allowed to roll on that piece again until everyone else who needs it has it. There will be no exceptions.
----- c) The same goes with mounts. If you win a rare mount and wish to sell it to another member of the raid that is fine, but again, you and the person who received the item WILL NOT not be allowed to roll on that piece again until everyone else who wants it has it.
5) With several new members in the guild the Raid Leaders will determine their raid teams. As a Raid Leader, it is their Job to do what is best for the raid. Sometimes that requires replacing sub-par players.
6) If you suspect someone is in violation of these rules address the problem with your Raid Leader.
6) Violations of these rules can and will lead to suspension or possibly removal from your raid group.

Unacceptable Behavior (Repeated offenses will lead to GKICK):

-Trade trolling: Remember as a member of IC what you say reflects back to us, plain and simple. You may not care what other players think of you, but we care what other guilds think of us.
-Continued begging for items from the gbank.
-Having a bad attitude (yes this is perceptual, but if you are a douche, you're a douche and no one wants to play with you)

Behavior for instant Dismissal:

- Intentionally Ripping off or scamming a guild member (or any player from the outside that notifies the guild of such behavior). This also goes along with any other forms of fraud or scamming (ie ninja looting, account hacking, ect...)
- Selling any gifts from the guild for profit, this includes boe's, mounts, or any thing else.

Pretty simple and not too broad, play the game, have fun, but dont ruin other peoples game play.

IF this doesn't work for you /gquit and find another guild. Thanks for your cooperation.

Roles we are Looking to Fill:

I don't care if you have been here for 1 day or 1 year, we are looking for members interested in leading the guild. Now is your time to accept the responsibility if you want it. Jazz and Panda can't do it all! We need three others willing to accept these officer roles:

- Website Admin We need someone that is fimilar with how to run a website. You will be responsible for keeping it up and active.

- Recruiting/POLICE officer -
- This role has been filled by stef. Please congratulate her on her "promotion" Like was stated earlier, she doesn't really receive much of a benefit just more work. :)

If you are interested in any of these roles please send a private message to either myself or Panda. I'm just gonna give guidelines, fill out the application as you see fit:

-Job Applying for
-Any previous experience performing any of these job (from old guilds ect)
- Why you want this job?
- Anything else you would like to add.

Panda, Jazz and I will go over the applications, and would like to have a decision made by Sept 8th (for Raid Lead position, so it gives ample time to get organized).

Personal Conduct:

As for your player personal conduct we just ask you to remember one thing - Treat others like you would like to be treated. This goes a long way in not causing disputes as well as enhancing your game-play, since this game is based off of virtually interacting with other people.

-We do not mind foul language, as this is not a "family friendly guild", however no one likes to hear a sailor or a 14 year old girl when every other word is a swear word. It's annoying, ignorant, and someone will more than likely tell you to shut up.

-If you do not like someone settle it yourself, we are not babysitters. If you can't settle it just /ignore them and let one of us know that you have done such. More than likely not everyone will like each others personalities, but we can always hope.

And last but not least remember to treat your fellow guild members with respect. Working together really does make the game more fun in the long run.
For the most part we are a fun and easy going guild with what you can and cannot do while you represent our guild. You may not agree with all of these but you are a member of Identity Crisis and you should respect our guildlines on how we handle our guild. If you have any suggestions or need an explanation on anything feel free to whisper Me, Panda, or if you dare JAZZ.


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