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Raid Days and Times for MoP

Pandachicken / Jul 29, 2012
The plan for the new tier is to have two Raid Groups.

  • The Main Raid Group Plan is for Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm - 11pm Server.
  • The Day and Time for Group two has not been decided but it will not be Tuesday or Thursday.
  • The raids will be different days that way if someone can not make a raid one day they can fill in on the other day and vice versa.

If you have any questions please let me know - Panda


I hope raid two has better times -.-
then you and panda better start going over stuff, cause you may be leading 1 group and he will be leading the other if you dont like those times.
i thought you were good with those times? and we may not change them until you get to FL
2 raid nights is gunna kill me lol. my boss is not even sopposed to favor my 1 day off every tuesday every week but she has been able to do it so far. any other days i get off are random and being from hawaii 6 hours behind server, if i dont have a raid day off then 99% of the time i will not be able to make raid cuz the earliest shift would only get me home by 9pm server.
we are sticking at one day a week...same time same place
we are sticking at one day a week...same time same place

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